The 905 Group – High Powered Networking in a Pay-It-Forward Environment – meets in the Green Room at Experience CoWorking every Friday at 9:05am.

You may have heard the latest career networking buzz about The 905™ Executive Network group.  After meeting at a few paid formal networking meetings a core group of Front Range executives sat over coffee discussing the time and expense of executive networking.  As many have said it is harder at times to be looking for a position than working.  Also the once a month format was just not enough when life conflicts.

Being the executives that just create and do, they started what is known as the 905 North and 905 South.  The name comes from the time that the meeting starts, 9:05 AM.  The core format is a round table where each person gets to do their elevator pitch, ask for contacts within their target companies and receive contacts to follow-up with.

The theme is Pay-it-forward, Help others and it will come back to you.  Many in the group have competed for the same role and shared the winner’s success equally.

Recently the founding group in the North have started classes afterwards in using online networking tools, resume tips and other best practices delivered by those in the group.  The Groups use the LinkedIn Professional networking site to connect and share information.  The closed LinkedIn group 905 has only one requirement to join, which is to show up for a meeting.

At your first meeting you learn that the dress is casual to very casual and your responsibility is to share, help others and Pay it forward.  Oh yes, when you land that new role you have to show up and do a “victory lap”.  The victory lap consists of providing the group with edible treats, telling your story and a lap around the room sharing a high five!

Running the group for the founders is now a near fulltime unpaid activity but the value returned is more than worth the effort.  The group on LinkedIn is over 1,000 members and has asked LinkedIn for some specific added features to manage sharing and searching.  Local recruiters have also joined the online group to assist with sourcing.  Many in the group still make those larger paid events when available.

The 905 North meets Fridays in the Green Room at Experience CoWorking.