Building Business Together a concentration of what we want to accomplish here at Experience CoWorking!: peers sharing knowledge and experience for the betterment of them all.

The BBT is a direct invitation to our ECS members and opens its doors to anyone in the community, with an Idea/ Business, in need of some coaching or feedback to develop and improve their Projects.

In each session, we will work with and explore a different business topic, sharing experiences and expertise with our peers. Our aim to create a kind of Board of Advisors made of your peers – a small group of people with which you share and discuss obstacles, opportunities, and the efforts you take to overcome and accomplish them.

We are very excited for this ongoing event series, and hope we will see you there!

Starting in January of 2019 we invite you to Experience the BBT for a 1.5-hour meeting. We will meet once a month, every 3rd Thursday. The meeting will be in the evenings from 3.30 to 5pm (to be moved 4.30 to 6pm during spring/summer time).

No cost for ECS members.
For non-members: Free invitation for the initial meeting. In order to participate in a second meeting, attendees must become a member of Experience CoWorking! (membership rates begin at $75/monthly for “Virtual Membership”.)

Individual seeking to take an Idea/Business to the next level.
Strengthen community ECS relations.
Exchange of knowledge, intergenerational, intercultural.
Support and accountability for professional development.

*In order to attend each and every session, please:
Send an email to Rocio De Prado rocio@experiencecowork.com
For newcomers, you will receive a Questionnaire to fill out and send back.
Each session we will work with and explore a different business topic. When you register with Rocio you will receive some specific information and questions related to the topic of the month, prior to every meeting.

Topics to be covered and explored will include: from models to define your business profile to marketing strategies, cost-effective media promotion, basic guide to create your business plan and design your website; or some legal and financial advice for better business practice.