Sergio R. Angeles,

small business and entrepreneurial economic development specialist with the LEDP, will be available for office hours on Monday’s from 1-4pm at Experience CoWorking.


What is the LEDP?
The LEDP is a is privately, publicly funded 501(c)(6) nonprofit that works constantly to provide support and resources for ALL existing and prospective Longmont businesses to promote a strong business environment in Longmont and to encourage economic development through business attraction, retention, expansion, and creation.

What are the office hours for?
Sergio will be around to learn about your startup/small business and see what we can do to help and support you and your startup/business. He can also talk about local grants, Innovate! Longmont (a personalized accelerator program in Longmont), and more. He is not here to sell anything, he is simply here to provide support, connections, resources, and more.

Who is Sergio?
Sergio was born in Santa Barbara, CA and moved to Boulder, CO when he was six. He grew up in the area and went to the University of Richmond for college. He later worked as an IT Consultant for fortune 500 companies in the Richmond and DC area. In 2016, he moved to Longmont to be closer to family and pursue some startup ideas. After 2 failed startups, he became the co-founder of the Longmont Observer, a 501c3 nonprofit news entity and Longmont. He began working for LEDP in September 2018.

Say hello to Sergio around the office on Mondays, and learn more about what the LEDP can do for you and your business!