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Longmont is a tight-knit community. At Experience CoWork Space, we take that down to a micro level, creating our own community of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Diverse Membership

Our members come from many different industries, and as we grow, we’re looking to diversify as much as we can to ensure a full spectrum of talents, tasks, and voices.

Knowledge Network

Your accountant couldn’t take over your business – you couldn’t take over theirs. However, each of you can benefit from the other’s knowledge and experience in business… this shared expertise is the kind of networking you can expect at Experience CoWork Space.

Modern Offices, Vintage Space

We have a variety of work spaces, each with a different feel..from private offices to traditional desks to a sun-filled lounge with comfy couches.

Experience CoWorking For Your Business

Are you tired of working in isolation? Or for 2 hour stints at the library or coffee shop?

Come be around others while maintaining your independent work style. We’re looking for local businesses run from home, telecommuters, entrepreneurs, community organizers, experts in all fields to join us in growing a more dynamic work community in Longmont.

Whether you’re looking for shared office space, a spot to teach your craft, meet your clients, or grow your business in an inclusive and collaborative community, Experience CoWorking can work for you.


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